How to use our Tartufata

Here’s some quick ways of how you can use this little beauty in some really simple dishes.

1)Pasta Sauce

You can simply cook your pasta, add a nob of butter and stir some of our Tartufata through your pasta to make an nice sauce. Add some parmesan at the end for extra flavor. (Feel free to add some meat in there too!)

2) Pizza 

Use it as a topping for pizza. Simply dribble it over. YAS!

3) Bruschetta

Toast your bread, spread the Tartufata on top and if you’re as crazy about mushrooms as we are, you can sauté some mushrooms and garlic in a pan with a little olive oil, add to your bruschetta and garnish with some parsley. 

4) Scrambled Egg

In addition to these suggestions, you can make a special breakfast by dribbling some over your scrambled egg or even adding to an omlette!