Il Pizzaiolo Hamper - Pizza Making Kit

Il Pizzaiolo Hamper - Pizza Making Kit

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(Gluten Free Option also available on request)

Our Basic Step by Step Easy Pizza Recipe

Know someone who's passionate about Pizza?! They will love this Pizza Making Kit which is packed with brilliant authentic ingredients to help them create the perfect Italian pizza base at home! Here's what's inside:

Molino Iaquone Dried Yeast 500g: Ideal for making pizza dough with an incomparable taste.

Barilla Flour '00' 1000g : Considered the gold standard for pasta and pizza dough, 00 flour is a finely ground Italian flour.

Cirio Rustica Passata 680g:Cirio crushed tomatoes passata rustica is sieved tomatoes boast an unmistakable consistency, texture and body to bring a thick, textured Passata that you can literally pick up with a fork. Finest quality tomatoes are picked at their ripest and passed through a sieve with large holes to create an authentic Italian Passata just like a traditional homemade recipes that burst with the taste of fresh tomatoes. It has no artificial additives. It is perfect base for pasta sauces and for an authentic pizza.

Funghi porcini secchi 20g: Porcini mushrooms are a famous, and delicious, addition in Italian cuisine. Due to their strong nutty flavor, this is an incredibly popular gourmet mushroom. (PRODUCT MUST BE REHYDRATED AND COOKED BEFORE EATING)

Negroni Salame Napoli 250g:This medium to roughly ground salami, produced following the typical Neapolitan recipe and hand-tied, is prepared with a mixture of lean pork meat, chili and spices, which result in bright red slices and an unmistakably strong, hot flavour. The Stars: Gluten free.

Pizza Sauce Aromatizza 400g: The Aromatizzata sauce is made from fresh tomatoes, an artisanal quality that is evident from its slightly thick consistency. It is seasoned with a hint of oregano and basil, which are the typical flavours used on Italian pizzas.

Peperlizia Peppers 350g: The unique and unmistakable flavour of Peperlizia Peppers makes them perfect as appetisers or side dishes.

Pitted Saclà Green Olives 185g are excellent to taste alone, indispensable with a classic aperitif and interesting to enrich any dish with flavor.

Toste Sacla Black Olives 100g: The roasted black olives are prepared according to a typical recipe of the Mediterranean tradition. After harvesting, the black olives are preserved in salt and left to dry in the sun. The dark color and the characteristic bitter taste are the result of this particular treatment that makes them excellent for enhancing the delicate flesh of the rabbit or for flavoring baked fish.

La Rossa Sun dried Tomatoes in sunflower seed oil 290g

All of these pizza essentials are presented in a strong hamper tied with a ribbon.

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