The Big Night Hamper

The Big Night Hamper

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This hamper includes a selection of Ingredients which when combined will create a fabulous and very easy three course Italian Meal.

Lavazza Crema & Gusto 250g: Lavazza Crema e Gusto Espresso is a special blend of selected Robusta and Arabica beans. Crema e Gusto produces a full, rich flavoured coffee with hints of chocolate in the taste and aroma. Open a bag and the delicious scent will quickly fill your kitchen. It produces a rich cup of espresso with thick crema and no bitterness.

Vicenzi Cialdine Di Matilde Nocciola 200g: Delicate rolled wafers with a hazelnut cream, delicious to eat like that but also perfect with a cup of coffee or tea.

Vicenzi Amaretti 200g: The Amaretti are a delicious confectionary speciality made of almonds, of a typically Piedmontese tradition.

Ponti Balsamic Vinegar Spray 250ml:This balsamic vinegar of Modena is matured for 12 months in small barrels of different wood essences as oak, chestnut and cherry tree.

Redoro Extra Virgin Olive 250ml: Harvested on the venetian hills and with exact maturity, the olives are processed with the traditional cold pressing system. A fragrant taste and a fruity fragrance, this oil has an intense green colour with golden reflections.

Frantoio Bianco Sugo Arrabbiata 180g: A classic of Italian cuisine, spicy at the right point-Ripe tomatoes, hot peppers and a pinch of coriander.

Frantoio Bianco Pesto Genovese 500g: Made according to the traditional cold-preparation recipe, with fresh Genovese DPO basil, extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts and parmesan.

Stiratini with Rosemary 250g: A classic Italian hard bread stick-Wonderful addition to bread baskets.

Barilla Reginette 500g: The Barilla Reginette is a long pasta format, enhanced by a curling at the ends that remains well defined even after cooking. This creates a combination of different textures between the wavy edges and the central flat part, ideal for enhancing even the most sought after sauces.

Vesuviotto Gragnano Pasta 500g.

Scrack Breadsticks Tomato and Basil 100g are a light and savoury Italian snack.

Pitted Saclà Green Olives 185g are excellent to taste alone, indispensable with a classic aperitif and interesting to enrich any dish with flavour.

Toste Sacla Black Olives 100g : The roasted black olives are prepared according to a typical recipe of the Mediterranean tradition. After harvesting, the black olives are preserved in salt and left to dry in the sun. The dark colour and the characteristic bitter taste are the result of this particular treatment that makes them excellent for enhancing the delicate flesh of the rabbit or for flavouring baked fish.

Lá Rossa Pomodori Secchi 290g: Sun-dried tomatoes in sunflower oil.

Peperlizia Peppers 350g: The unique and unmistakeable flavour of Peperlizia Peppers makes them perfect as appetisers or side dishes.

Grilled courgettes and aubergines 290g.

San Pellegrino Ginger Beer 200ml is an elegant ginger beer with delicate hints of spice. Real ginger extract gives the ginger beer its decisive ginger aroma and flavour. Smooth and spicy with a touch of both bitter and sweet, it leaves with a citrusy freshness and the lingering warmth of ginger. This is a classic ginger beer that is perfect as a refreshing drink on its own and for all your cocktails and mixed drinks.

Negroni Salame Napoli 250g: This medium to roughly ground salami, produced following the typical Neapolitan recipe and hand tied is prepared with a mixture of lean pork meat, chilli and spices which result in bright red slices and unmistaken strong hot flavour.

Triveri tomatoe and basil Passata 670g: Crushed tomatoes passata rustica is sieved tomatoes boast an unmistakable consistency, texture and body to bring a thick, textured Passata that you can literally pick up with a fork. Finest quality tomatoes are picked at their ripest and passed through a sieve with large holes to create an authentic Italian Passata just like a traditional homemade recipes that burst with the taste of fresh tomatoes. It has no artificial additives. It is perfect base for pasta sauces and for an authentic pizza.

Pernigotti Cremino 150g: Gianduia milk chocolate Pralines with hazelnuts. 

Cantucchi Al Cioccolato: an ideal combination with a sweet passito wine.

Dried funghi porcini 20g: must be rehydrate before use.

Bruschetta olive mix 180g

Nduja sausage paste 90g